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We are moving.  Our new address is:

2311 Biscayne

Suite 300

Little Rock, AR 72227

The phone number is still the same:

(501) 537-1000

When you have legal decisions confronting you, the attorney you choose may indeed be one of the most important decisions that you make. Darryl “Chip” Baker and J. G. “Gerry” Schulze each have over 25 years of experience, providing our clients the highest quality legal services in a timely fashion.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and to discuss how we may be of service.


Warning:  Telephone Solicitors

7/27/2012  Recently telemarketers have begun to solicit injury cases for lawyers.  Tonight (7/27/2012) I (one of the attorneys in this firm) received an unsolicited robocall from a solicitor asking if I had been injured in an accident and would like to discuss it with a lawyer.  Direct telephone solicitation of personal injury cases is prohibited by the Arkansas Rules of Professional Conduct applicable to lawyers.  If you receive such a call, report it to the Committee on Professional Conduct, 625 Marshall Street, Justice Building, Room 110, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201; Telephone 501-376-0313; Facsimile 501-376-3438.  Do not do business with any attorney who directly solicits over the telephone.

There are legitimate forms of advertising, but telemarketing is not among them.



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